“Vittorio Bachelet” Research Center on Public Administration (LUISS)

The  Vittorio Bachelet Research Center on Public Administration aims to investigate the transformation of public structures in the light of the adjustment of public administration to constitutional rules and principles and of the effects of the rights of citizenship in the (public) administration. The center focuses its research on the evolution toward federalism of public and administrative institutions, devoting special attention to the importance of regional and local autonomies, to the European perspective in the public administration and to the instruments of citizenship protection. The center focuses mainly on important aspects of the public administration (i.e. education, healthcare, environment), on reforms that influence public leadership, and on the relationship between citizenship and administrative institutions (social citizenship, horizontal subsidiarity, administrative justice). Specifically designed oversight committees collect data that help develop the aforementioned studies. The center organizes courses for young researchers, comparative seminars, and training courses for public company directors and public officers. Moreover, the center publishes many works of research and two magazines. Finally, the center benefits greatly from the Vittorio Bachelet library (approximately 1700 volumes).