The research will be articulated along 4 work packages and correspondent deliverables.

  • WP1_examination of the EU framework (deliverable No. 2)
  • WP 2_comparative legal analysis of the MS’ framework (deliverable No. 1)

The first two deliverables run in parallel and each of them has a general section and a case-studies part. The project will focus on the EU (D.2) and MS (D.1) legal frameworks for the management of European funds and the fight against irregularities and frauds, with the help of European, Constitutional, Administrative and Criminal Law. Especially for the social, health care and economic sectors, D.1 and D.2 will offer insights from three case-studies: SURE program, RescEU  and EIF-InvestEU. The MS selection (IT, BE, DE, PO) represents a variety of regional systems, administrative systems, and welfare systems.After this analysis, the team will be able to understand how the COVID-19 crisis may affect the current legal framework. In particular, the study wants to be both doctrinal and empirical. The use of mixed methods constitutes one of the major ambitions of this study, as a potential contribution to finding solutions to prevent and combat fraud affecting the financial interests of the EU.

  • WP3_empirical research (deliverable No. 3)
  • WP 4_recommendations (deliverable No. 4)